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Dental techniques have evolved considerably since the days when our neolithic ancestors drilled — by hand — into teeth to remove decayed matter 10,000 years ago.

Although dental caries (aka cavities) were virtually unknown when we were meat-and-veggie-centric hunter-gatherers, our carb- and sugar-heavy diets have severely impacted our dental health.

If you’re afraid of primitive drills and pain, you haven’t yet experienced the benefits of modern, non-neolithic dental technology.

As founder of Red Bank Dental Office — a full-service general and cosmetic dental facility in Red Bank, New Jersey — Louis B. Conte, DDS, and our team are committed to using the latest, pain-free dental technologies to help you achieve and maintain a healthy mouth.

We know how it feels

Dr. Conte and our staff know how intimidating it can be to face the dentist’s office, especially if you’re already in pain. We’ve all been trained to help you feel calm and at ease while Dr. Conte determines what treatments would most benefit you.

Our offices are sparkling clean and feature comfortable chairs and the latest digital technology. You’ll know right away that you’re in capable, professional, and caring hands.

We help you right away

If you have dental anxiety, you don’t have to tough it out. We can provide oral sedation that helps you stay calm, even for an oral examination and cleaning.

You take the medication before you come for your appointment. Just be sure to have someone drive you to our office and back again, because the sedative will make you drowsy.

Easy X-rays

Maybe you remember the days of bite-wing tabs. When getting your yearly X-rays, you had to chomp down for a minute or more on uncomfortable and bulky pieces of plastic and cardboard that held the film next to your teeth.

Today, if you have to bite down on a (smaller and more comfortable) tab, you don’t have to hold it for long. We use digital X-rays that quickly and easily photograph your teeth, gums, and jaw.

Digital X-ray images are immediately transferred to Dr. Conte’s computer screen, so he can see right away what’s going on with your teeth. Digital X-rays also use minimal radiation, to keep you safe.

It feels like a dream

If you do need a dental procedure, such as a cavity filling, we keep it 100% pain- free. Our oral sedation makes you drowsy and happy, but you’re still awake while we take care of your dental issues, such as:

  • Periodontitis treatment
  • Chipped tooth restoration
  • Knocked-out tooth replacement
  • Other dental emergencies

Just be sure to have a trusted family member or friend drive you to and from our office.

Oral health is good for your health

If you’ve let your dental fears keep you from getting the care you need for your teeth and gums, your overall health could suffer, too. The bacteria-rich plaque that forms on uncleaned teeth and gums can dislodge and travel through your bloodstream to cause a heart attack or stroke.

The bacteria in cavities and diseased root canals can also travel through your blood to cause infections in other organs. It can even cause a life-threatening condition called septic shock.

Come meet us!

If you have dental anxiety, call us to arrange a meet-and-greet visit. You come to our office, talk to our friendly staff, and take a tour of our facilities. You consult with Dr. Conte and then, if you feel comfortable, go on for an examination and cleaning. We also offer telehealth appointments.

Whether you currently have an aching or damaged tooth, bleeding gums, or just need preventive dentistry, call us today at 848.243.0189.

Don’t be afraid to share your fears! We’re experts at making the most fearful patients feel comfortable and safe. You can also request an appointment at Red Bank Dental Office.